Discover How to Easily Generate Instant Cash Almost Effortlessly With Our Amazing System That Makes the Sales For You!

You can easily generate at least $1,000 within the very first week and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

This is VERY simple... ridiculously simple!

It's like asking someone if they would exchange their $5 bill for a $20 bill... Who would say no?

This is all it takes...

First, you need to find some business owners who need what you're about to offer them (there are only MILLIONS of them out there).

And, you won't have to pay to find prospects, because we will give you the methods to have your phone ringing off the hook...

You will have more prospects than you can handle all of whom will gladly give you $197 and pay you an override EVERY MONTH!

Here's what you're looking for...

Any business that is not capturing the information of prospects who visit their business or website (we can even help those businesses WITHOUT a website!)

In other words, if a business isn't capturing the contact information of their clients and prospects, they are leaving a LOT of money on the table can easily make some quick cash.

You're going to show them how to easily Capture the information of visitors to their website and then automatically follow up with them and market to them anytime, as often as they like, INSTANTLY, and virtually for FREE!

Prospects Will Love You Because The Bottom Line in Marketing is...


This isn't rocket science. It's really simple... BUT, most brick and mortar businesses don't know much (if anything) about marketing on the Internet!

Remember they haven't heard it before.

And the best part is that you don't need to know much either because the Instant Sales System will show you all you need to know in 60 minutes or less!

1 Question Will Prove How Simple This Really Is...

Not 100% sure this can work extremely well for you? Call up ANY small business owner and ask them this one question:

"Would you be interested in finding out how you could easily INCREASE Sales while REDUCING your Advertising Costs?"

IF they ask you HOW, then simply ask them this question

"What do you think would happen if I could show you how to automatically capture the contact information of your best customers and prospects and send them special offers and discounts whenever you want... automatically for FREE?"

Doesn't It Make Sense They Will Make More Sales?

Then ask... "Once I can prove that you can increase Sales on Demand at NO Cost, doesn't it make sense that you can eliminate some of your paid advertising if you want to?"

This is such a good business model you will not even be done speaking and they will interrupt you to ask how they can get started.

Just Like Having a License to Print Money

You do NOT even need any Internet marketing skills because any savvy business owner is going to be blown away with what you are offering no matter how much you know.

Of course, we will show you all you need to know in less than an hour and you most likely know it all already!

The list of potential clients is literally ENDLESS and FREE to access. Businesses want you to be able to find them so all their contact information is right at your fingertips on your computer!

As well, we'll even show you WHY businesses will WANT to GIVE YOU Quality Referrals so that making additional sales will be just like giving candy to a baby!

Let's look at just a couple of ideas here...

Let's say you have a friend who is a real estate agent. Now these agents make VERY nice commissions on their sales. Do you think it would be worth a onetime investment of $197 and then less than $1 A DAY (and easily free) to have a super powerful marketing system?

If this person only sold 1 Extra house in 10 years by utilizing our system they would still be profitable, and of course the Instant Sales System will help them sell way more than that!

What about a car dealership?

Car dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on advertising and wouldn't think twice to write out a check to you for $197 for a marketing system that brings in sales. Again just 1 sale pays for the Instant Sales System for years!

Why Virtually Every Business Needs Our System

Ask any business owner what 2 things that they'd like more of and guess what they'd say... Time and More Customers!

So, when you can show any business owner a relatively hands off solution that addresses both of their key issues, doesn't it make sense that they would be all over it?

Endless Prospects Anxious to Give You Money

Real Estate Sales people and Car Dealerships aren't the only ones who will gladly pay you. Think about the following...

Restaurant Owners (There are only about 15,000 Pizzerias just in New York alone), or how about dentists, flower shops, clothing stores, lawyers, accountants, contractors, electricians etc.


The List Could Go On Forever

Remember my $5 for a $20 example? Anyone will do an exchange when they get something of Greater Value. Doesn't it make sense that any small business owner would pay a small monthly fee of just $29.97, if they improve their bottom line by more than $29.97 per month? Of course they will!

Let's recap a second... Just think, if you help a real estate agent make just one extra sale that could mean an extra $5,000 to $10,000 or more in profits for them, and it cost them less than a buck a day!

This is What You Have to Start Thinking About...

You really are the answer to how a business owner can build their business at a VERY low investment. You are offering an incredibly valuable service that they would be more than happy to pay 5 or 10 times what you are charging.

It's a ONE TIME set up fee of just $197, and a measly $29.97 per month... We'll even show you how to get clients to Gladly Refer you Quality Leads!

How You Can Help a Business Owner Make a Lot MORE Money

There are really only 3 ways a business can make more money as follows:

  1. Get more customers... more customers = more profit
  2. Get customers to buy more often... again, more profit
  3. Get customers to make larger purchases .. more profit

Let's look at each of the 3 ways the Instant Sales System can make a business owner a LOT more money...

1. More Customers...

A business owner doesn't need to be told that they are a lot more likely to make a sale to a customer than to someone who doesn't know them (a prospect).

One feature of the Instant Sales System is an automated way for their current clients to be compensated (at no cost to the business owner) to refer new clients... it will help a business owner to get more customers!

Another feature mentioned previously of the Instant Sales System, is the automated capturing of prospects and follow up with multiple marketing messages spread over time. This will help a business owner convert more prospects to customers.

Another feature of the Instant Sales System, is the ability to send out Video postcards (at NO cost). YouTube is the 2nd (as of this date) most popular website because people love video and video SELLS!

The Instant Sales System has the ability for a business owner to easily add their own video to a Video Postcard which can help prospects to feel that they know, like and trust the business owner and therefore increase the likelihood that the prospect will become a customer.

These are just a few of the many examples of what the Instant Sales System can do to help a business owner get more customers.

Doesn't it make sense that the business owner would be interested in the Instant Sales System to help them get more customers?

2. Getting Customers to Buy More Often

What if you could show a business owner that the Instant Sales System will automatically contact their customers and prospects repeatedly with special offers and discounts?

Doesn't it make sense that the more frequently customers and prospects are contacted, that they'll buy more often?

Remember, More Exposure = More Sales

Experts say on average, 53% of sales occur after the 5th exposure! Business owners who don't follow up might as well be burning their money!

Let me give you an example of what I mean...

Let's imagine you know a landscaper. One of the many ways the Instant Sales System can help the landscaper's customers buy more often is to use our Autoresponder Campaign feature (series of email messages spread over time).

The landscaper can have an Autoresponder campaign that gives customers and prospects tips on how to care for their lawn and garden. The landscaper can have an unlimited number of Autoresponder campaigns with the Instant Sales System.

You could even use different Autoresponder campaigns for different types of needs for customers and prospects such as caring for rose bushes or how to keep your lawn green and free from weeds.

What if a client or prospect calls the landscaper and says 'My lawn is dying, what should I do?' Obviously, the landscaper can try to sell them immediately, but what if the client or prospect isn't ready to purchase?

For most businesses, they hang up the phone and never provide any follow up and lose a client... sound familiar?

But with the Instant Sales System, the landscaper can instantly initiate an Autoresponder campaign to educate the prospect how to keep their lawn green and healthy and providing so much value that prospects would be a lot more likely to do business with them.

Think about it, wouldn't you be a lot more likely to buy from a landscaper if she was adding this kind of value that you don't get from other landscapers?

When the landscaper initiates an Autoresponder campaign, she not only can educate the prospect about tips to help the prospect's initial needs, but the landscaper will also be much more likely to sell add on services and products when the Autoresponder campaign educates prospects how additional products and services can help them in ways they hadn't thought of!

Doesn't it make sense that when someone is educated on how to care for their lawn and garden, that they would buy more often especially when they are shown how additional products and services are needed to achieve a beautiful lawn or healthy garden?

Wouldn't prospects also be a lot more likely to refer the landscaper's services to their friends as well (see point #1 above)? The Instant Sales System even gives prospects a way to easily refer others to the landscaper through our "Tell a Friend" feature...

Doesn't it make sense the business owner would be interested in the Instant Sales System to help them get customers to buy more often?

3. Getting Customers to Make Larger Purchases

Once the landscaper has identified someone as a customer, they can initiate different Autoresponder campaigns targeted toward getting the customer to make larger purchases by offering what is known as an "Up Sell".

An "Up Sell" is simply another way of asking the customer if they would like to buy an additional item. For example, McDonald's uses this all the time when they ask you if you'd like to super size your meal by adding a large fries to go along with your burger order... or how about adding a fruit pie to your order as well?

I'm sure you get the idea...

The Instant Sales System comes with a very powerful Contact Manager with the ability to easily create an unlimited number of groups.

Let's imagine a customer purchases a lawn care service.. the landscaper could add that customer into a Group called "Lawn Care Service" (it's very easy to create... even a child could do it)!

At any time, the landscaper can then initiate an Autoresponder campaign for all members in the Group called "Lawn Care Service" letting them know about other products and services that would be attractive to someone who purchased the "Lawn Care Service".

This will get customers to purchase additional products and services! It really is very simple, and once a business owner understands the simple concepts, the possibilities are endless!

This keeps getting better and better for businesses... doesn't it?

And we've only shared just a few things to think about... of course there are countless ways the Instant Sales System can help a business owner.

Obviously the more valuable the Instant Sales System is to a business owner, the greater the opportunity for you!

But That's Not All... It Gets Even Better!

Remember when I said a business owner might as well burn their money if they aren't following up with their customers and prospects?

Here's another way business owners are burning their money EVERY day... they aren't tracking their marketing efforts!

Another powerful feature of the Instant Sales System is the ability to track their marketing efforts so they know what's working and what isn't working.

Doesn't it make sense that when a business owner knows what isn't working, they can STOP wasting their money?

Of course when they identify what is working, they can do more of it making them more sales.

1000 Times Better Than a Picture!

You've probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words... right? A video can be worth 1000 pictures because it allows customers and prospects to learn so much more giving them the feeling of TRUST which is mandatory when purchasing anything.

Many business owners are educating their prospects by showing them pictures of their products... but that doesn't really SELL like a video!

Their websites might as well be a brochure because they simply show PICTURES of their products, their location, how to contact them etc. but usually VERY little (if any) video!

Another feature with the Instant Sales System is the ability for business owners to easily add their own video to a Sales Page on our system so that customers and prospects are a lot more likely to purchase their products.

And of course there's a whole lot more we can do for a business owner.

Discover How You Can Make a LOT of Money
Introducing Others to Market the Instant Sales System

By now, I'm sure you see that the potential is HUGE! So what's next?

What if you can benefit from introducing the Instant Sales System to business owners as well as benefit when others introducing the Instant Sales System to business owners?


Why You Can Easily Make a Six Figure Part Time Income

Remember, we have the following to help you be very successful:

Service Greatly Needed by Business Owners with...
A Low 1 Time Set Up Fee for Business Owners (just $197)
A Low Monthly Fee for Business Owners (just $29.97 per/mo)
Business Owners are Motivated to REFER you Prospects, and...
We'll Show You Many Ways to Easily Get Quality Prospects For FREE
With Even Just 1 Sale Per Day You Would Make Approximately $100,000
in Your First Year!

Here's Just a Few Ways to Get Quality Prospects for Free

Letters - Follow our simple word for word letter to easily get prospects CALLING YOU! We'll even share with you 1 simple tip that will get your mail opened and read (instead of thrown in the trash)!

Referrals - Learn 1 simple question to ask that will get almost every client gladly giving you Quality Referrals. Then, we'll also share 1 technique to virtually guarantee that the referral will become a client.

Networking Events - Learn how to easily get booked as a featured speaker at a network event that can have prospects lined up to do business with you.

As well, we'll give you a simple script for a captivating presentation so you will be viewed as an expert at helping small business owners market online.

PowerPoint Presentation - We'll give you 2 different PowerPoint presentations that you can use on your own computer so that you can share it with others.

One presentation is for others who might want to market the Instant Sales System and the other presentation is for potential business owners so you can show them the value of the Instant Sales System.

Banners - Access our library of beautiful banners to easily attract either business owners or people to market the Instant Sales System under you. We'll also share with you a secret for how to get great placement on websites so your banners get noticed.

Links - Access our library of text links to easily attract either business owners or people to market the Instant Sales System under you. We have invested thousands to learn from Top Copywriters so that these links will get clicked more often. Of course we have tracking so you can tell which links are getting the best results.

PDF Reports - We'll provide you with another report (similar to this one but focused exclusively for business owners to learn how to increase their sales while reducing their advertising expenses.

The PDF report will help make sales for you as it will have links directly to your sales page where business owners can sign up. Imagine waking up to emails telling you that you made sales while you were sleeping!

Lead Capture Pages - You will receive ready made Lead Capture pages that will motivate prospects to enter their information to receive our FREE reports (see PDF Reports). We'll provide you with one Lead Capture page that you can use to attract business owners as clients to use the Instant Sales System.

We'll also provide you with another Lead Capture page to attract people to promote the Instant Sales System under you so you can earn from their efforts.

As well, you can create an unlimited number of your own Lead Capture pages where you can even put your own video (or choose 1 from our library).

Sales Page - We have several different sales pages you can use as follows each with a Compelling Video to professionally present the opportunity for you:

Page to enroll business owners as clients

Page to enroll others under you to promote the Instant Sales System

Tell a Friend - We have an automated way for prospects to refer at least 3 other prospects to you... so you get FREE leads. It's all part of the Instant Sales System that we provide at no charge (for life) for those promoting the Instant Sales System.

Emails - We provide multiple message emails spread over time so all you need to do is copy and paste if you want to email outside of our system, or simply point and click to email people using the Instant Sales System!

You can take advantage of the thousands of dollars we've invested to learn from top copywriters so you can get Great Results without investing thousands of dollars yourself.

Sales Calls/Webinars - We provide regular ongoing presentations for people interested in promoting the Instant Sales System. We share with you a simple script to quickly get a lot more people on our conference calls & Webinars so we can do the selling for you.

Tips & Strategies - We'll show you how to get FREE leads and easily get 3 times the results from a newspaper. We also will show you 1 little technique that you can do in 5 minutes or less, where a lot more people will go to a business owner's website and enter their contact information which will make a business owner thrilled!

Social Networking Sites - We will share the strategies that built our group on Facebook as the largest group (out of over 500) for a very popular search term.

We'll also share strategies of how we built over 13,000 followers on Twitter in less than 5 months and how to target people who would be interested in promoting the Instant Sales System as well as business owners to use our system.

Phone Book - You can simply go to the phone book and look up businesses ANYWHERE. The key though is what category of businesses will give you better results and how do you easily get past the "gatekeeper" (person blocking you from a business owner)...

We'll share 3 key tips that will help you not only get past the gatekeeper, but how to get a business owner excited to hear what you have to offer.

Lists - You can get lists of businesses from services that offer information which will give you tons of information on all businesses in ANY geographic area.

The cost is minimal and even though you can get all this info for free elsewhere, purchasing a list of business owners can save you time. We'll show you which categories of businesses would be best to market to.

Why Even 1 Key Client Can Make You Rich

Clients using our service (i.e. business owners) don't know anything about your opportunity to make income from promoting the Instant Sales System yet...

A business owner is highly motivated to refer you at least 3 paying new clients all of whom earn you a nice monthly residual commission.

Guess what... those 3 clients are also highly motivated to refer you at least 3 additional clients all of whom earn you a monthly residual commission.

Simply 1 key contact can easily lead to hundreds or thousands of customers so don't miss this opportunity by letting someone promote the Instant Sales System to your prospects before you do!

Remember, this is a slam dunk for the business owner and you will receive a Website to tell them how we can...

Easily Capture the Contact Information of Customers/Prospects
Automate Follow up Marketing with their Customers/Prospects
Send Audio and Video Messages INSTANTLY
Track their Marketing Efforts both On and Offline
Easily Waive Their Monthly Fee (with just 3 paying referrals)
Better Manage Customers/Prospects with our Contact Manager
Provide a Wealth of Marketing Resources to Increase Sales
Provide Access to Top Quality Training and the list goes on...

Any intelligent business owner knows that more customers and better marketing to their customers and prospects means more profits.

The Bottom Line is the Instant Sales System will save them from wasting their money and help them make real profits by increasing sales and decreasing expenses which is a solution all internet marketers know from experience.

Just ask any business owner what a single new customer means to them in dollars and cents, and show them how the Instant Sales System will get them new clients and make their existing clients buy more often as well as make larger purchases!

Business owners are always looking for new ways to increase sales... and they will NO DOUBT Invest with you when you show them that WE CAN Deliver Results with the Instant Sales System!

The way you need to look at this is... You Are NOT Selling Anything. You have the solution and answer for their biggest need!

You are simply "Educating" a business owner how to make more money with an online marketing solution that's very valuable to any business owner.

The "Money is in the List" applies to ALL businesses, not just online marketers. By building a proper list they can cut their advertising dollars considerably.

Part Time people should be able to literally make 1-2 sales a day and Full Time people can easily make multiple sales every day earning you a six figure income in the first year.

People who introduce others to promote the Instant Sales System can literally earn a multiple six figure income.

This CAN generate Serious Money and FAST!
Act NOW... get on board... You Can Do This!

Why You Want to Get Started Now

Why let someone else market to your potential clients... Get Started Now! Don't Miss Out on the income you could have from your prospects and everyone they refer etc. forever!

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be making life changing money and who wants to wait on changing their life?

Let me ask you this 1 very important question...

When you are making a six figure income working part time from home, what would you do that you aren't doing now... and how would that make you feel?

As my father used to say, "Son, I've never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul"... meaning simply that you can't take it with you. Life is short!

If you are tired of wishing and hoping that your life would be different, then Take Action Now and we'll provide you the Tools and Training to Transform your life Forever!

Click on Instant Sales System to learn about our very unique opportunity to share this greatly needed service with others.

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